Teen Personal Vision Planning Series


The Youth Empowered Teen Series was developed to ensure that all of the teens are positioned to compete for the opportunities that are available for young adults. Specifically, the program focuses on Leadership, Character, Citizenship, and Professional Development, Post SecondaryEducation Readiness, Job Readiness, Financial Literacy and Community Service.Due to the many factors that impact teens including the absence of positive role models, single parents, inadequate counseling, and socio -economic conditions our children are not receiving the required guidance, resources and directions that will enable them be competitive in the global economy.


The Youth Empowered Teen Vision Planning Series provides the teen tools and the resources that will empower them to pursue their goals and dreams through academic excellence,leadership, citizenship and being responsible for their own success.


We firmly believe at Youth Empowered Solutions Inc. that every teen has the ability to become successful.



To prepare the teens with the tools and resources to compete for colleges, post secondary 

education, jobs and leadership opportunities. This will be accomplished by providing the 

students the best practices in teen leadership, character, employment and financial literacy. This will be provided by workshops, lectures, online tools, webcast, and resources.


Youth Empowered Teen Vision Planning Modules


Module 1 - ABC's of Success  



To identify and prioritize the importance of Academics, Behavior and Character has on 

achieving success.

Time: 45 minutes to 90 minutes


Module 2 - Intro to "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens"



To learn and apply the principles of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”, to improving the teens daily activities and character building. These principles mirror the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", that is recognized worldwide.

Time:45 minutes to 90 minutes


Module 3 - Personal Vision Planning Workshop


At the end of the workshops the teens will have a working document that identifies their vision that includes a career, post secondary education plan, financial and additional outside resources. All of the components are critical to the teens having a roadmap / plan for success. The teens will 

use Gacollege411, collegebooard.org, www.worksmat.ca.gov and other internet tools to 

document, research and develop their Personal Vision Plans.


Time: 360 minutes


Module 4 - Seeking Financial Independence



At the end of the workshop the student will identify the required monthly expenses that must be paid to maintain a household, and to become financially independent. The students will also learn money concepts, credit and finance using the FDIC Money Smart curriculum.

Time: 45 minutes


Module 5 - Job Readiness



At the end of the workshop the teen will develop a Personal Profile, Resume and learn how to conduct an effective job search. They will also participate in mock interview s. They will use the www.worksmart.gov and other job websites to obtain sample resumes, job applications, and hints and tips on best practices in the job search process.

Time: 90 minutes 


Module 6 - Leadership Service Learning 



At the end workshops the teens will understand the value of participating in community services projects. The teens will be required to identify and implement a group Service Learning Project that will have a positive impact on their community.


TIME: 360 minutes ( varies based on the scope pf the project)

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