April 6,2024

Let Us Make Man

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May 1 – September 31

Yes Oxford – Launches “Teen Career Discussion Board” (registration and pilot)

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June 6 – July 27

Yes Oxford – Launches 2017 Summer “Teen Empowerment Workshops”

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June 26

Mike Weaver and WeCCAAN – Service Learning Teen Tour Miami

June 14 and June 22

 Georgia Teen Institute -Seeking Financial Independence and

Planning for Service Learning Projects.


July 22


Rockdale County Day of Connections School Supplies ( Bronze Funder)


July 22


 Rockdale County Springield Baptist Church School Supplies - Vendor Community Youth Organization Information Booth  



August 1 -may 9 th


Yes Oxford Launches - Adopt a Classroom Program Metro Atlanta Schools   



August 1 - May 9 Th 


Yes Oxford Launches - Teen Personal Vision Planning Series - Metro Atlanta Schools



October 31


Yes Oxford Presents - Career Exploration Workshop - Georgia Southern University 





Yes Oxford Presents - Winter Olympics at Hightower Elementary - (Rockdale County)





March 1 -30 Th 


Developing Prison Ministry 









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