This mini workshop offers students the opportunity to explore the interview tools and techniques that will enable them to be competitive in the job search  process.

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 How To Build A Vision Board 2019 - 12 minutes

60 Seconds and Youre Hired-Book

by  Robin Ryan

How To Hirred In 60 Seconds Or Less - Summary Video - 2 minutes


What Employers Are Looking For Internships - 2 minutes

TOP 7 Interview Questions and Answers -  16 minutes

Quick Star Technique Review Cartoon -2 minutes

How to answer Behavorial Questions Using Star ( Mini Workshop) 22 minutes

How To create and effective elevator Pitch


6 Steps To Job Search - Document

Steps to take To Quickstart Interview Process

Six reasons you’re not hired -10 minutes

How to win an interview -Expert Author Presentation - 45 minutes

Tell Me About Yourself - 8 minutes

What are Your Weaknesses - 7 minutes




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