Teen Civic leadership Series

To provide the youth of South Fulton County an opportunity to develop civic leadership skills that will have a positive impact on the community. This will be accomplished through service learning, Community Service, collaborating with Civic leaders and the community.


One Talent has enhanced their reach to the teen community by offering opportunities to engage in Civic Leadership. The Teen Community Council was created to provide a program for teens that are passionate about leadership, community service, and civic engagement while allowing youth leaders to gain a sense of ownership and responsibility. The program will be open to teens in the South Fulton Community. The teens will focus on Safe Communities, Education, Economics Employment, Health, Arts & Culture Family and Community. The Council will meet once a month to develop strategies that will raise awareness of issues that impact the community.


Serving on the Teen Community Council prepares youth for the challenges they will face in the future as college students, employees, and citizens.

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