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YESADVISOR was developed to allow a pool of seasoned professionals to share experiences, and expertise with unlimited youth across America. The information provided is related to various career paths, technology, resources and is available free of charge regardless of geographical location, race or socio-economic status.  


Simple and Easy


Youth between the ages of 13 and 18years display the bulletin board using designated career field is selected, question is entered and the post button is pressed.


Professionals receive queries based on respective field(s) of expertise via E-mail. Simply clicking a link in the body of the e-mail takes you to the board and clicking ‘Reply’ opens the area for your response. Answers are not limited by space or character enabling quality detailed information to be shared as necessary. When complete, the post button is pressed. - Click on link to discussion board

Web Based – Questions are received and answered via email using smartphones, computers, laptops and desktop computers.  Consequently, physical location does not limit participation and since answers do not require investigation, minimum time is needed to respond.


Resource Pooling – Each career listed has multiple professionals assigned. This accomplishes two things. (1) One person is not encumbered and (2) youth can receive information from diverse experiences.


Privacy/Security – Name and email addresses are private and confidential for both the professional and the youth.  Additionally, only professions of indisputable character may participate.


Information Based – Professionals will respond to the questions related to career topics.  Personal information is not to be shared. This is not  a Mentoring Program and does not require relationship building.


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- Available to an infinite number of youth.      

- Accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

- Students receive answers from qualified professionals.

- Students and advisors have unlimited access to the discussion board 24/7.

- No restriction of location or socio-economic status.




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